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The Hermetic Code in DNA
The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe

Groundbreaking science today coincides with ancient philosophies and religions from all over the world in identifying distinct numerical patterns that would seem to hold the secrets of the universe.

In The Hermetic Code in DNA , Michael Hayes reveals that these patterns are connected by a precise code, the Hermetic Code, apparently known to ancient cultures but lost over time. Grounded in this code are the harmonic ratios of the octaves underlying what we call music, the overtones of which make a striking appearance in the very basis of biological life: DNA.

So… life is music. Let's tune in…

The opening chapter begins with a discussion of archaeological, geologic and mythological evidence indicating that the origin of scientifically sophisticated human civilization on earth date back far longer than modern conventional wisdom would allow. Prehistoric civilizations, Hayes tells us, seem to have been almost entirely preoccupied with the idea of order and harmony on a universal scale. In his search to ascertain the origin of the Hermetic Code, he finds evidence of its most fundamental component—the octave, the sacred constant—dating back at least 75,000 years.

The book continues with an exploration into a higher octave of consciousness known to the ancients but now obscure, the secrets of the great pyramids, the essence of time and space, reincarnation, mathematics, religious traditions and more… and how all of it relates to the code that determines, for each and every one of us, the essence of who we are.

Clearly written, thoroughly indexed and packed with compelling descriptions of multitudes of phenomena we've all heard about but of which most of us have little understanding, The Hermetic Code in DNA is an exciting and wonderful read.

The Light Connection Magazine
Vista CA,
Vol. 25, No. 4, 04/09.