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The Hermetic Code in DNA
The Sacred Principles in the Ordering of the Universe

Groundbreaking science today coincides with ancient philosophies and religions from all over the world in identifying distinct numerical patterns that would seem to hold the secrets of the universe.

In The Hermetic Code in DNA , Michael Hayes reveals that these patterns are connected by a precise code, the Hermetic Code, apparently known to ancient cultures but lost over time. Grounded in this code are the harmonic ratios of the octaves underlying what we call music, the overtones of which make a striking appearance in the very basis of biological life: DNA.

So… life is music. Let's tune in…

The opening chapter begins with a discussion of archaeological, geologic and mythological evidence indicating that the origin of scientifically sophisticated human civilization on earth date back far longer than modern conventional wisdom would allow. Prehistoric civilizations, Hayes tells us, seem to have been almost entirely preoccupied with the idea of order and harmony on a universal scale. In his search to ascertain the origin of the Hermetic Code, he finds evidence of its most fundamental component—the octave, the sacred constant—dating back at least 75,000 years.

The book continues with an exploration into a higher octave of consciousness known to the ancients but now obscure, the secrets of the great pyramids, the essence of time and space, reincarnation, mathematics, religious traditions and more… and how all of it relates to the code that determines, for each and every one of us, the essence of who we are.

Clearly written, thoroughly indexed and packed with compelling descriptions of multitudes of phenomena we've all heard about but of which most of us have little understanding, The Hermetic Code in DNA is an exciting and wonderful read.

The Light Connection Magazine
Vista CA,
Vol. 25, No. 4, 04/09.


kikz said...


found you googling Albo's The Hermetic Code.

wonderful stuff... don't know if you're familiar w/bruce lipton's work... i've passed your website along to him... hope you two can 'network' someday.

many thanks for your observations and your time..

as above, so below


Kathleen said...

Michael Hayes,
So far, I am thoroughly enjoying your book. Am re-reading some of the sections. I have contemplated for many years, many of the same issues you bring up in your book. I am currently writing a fantasy adventure using two fictional characters who go through a tranfiguration and lead others to do the same. Their transfiguration process is based in part on ancient knowledge, music, frequency and gravity which looses its grip on the pair allowing them move to the next stage of evolution, rather quickly. In 1999I began a comparative study of spirituality, quantum physics and consciousness as related to the evolutionary process of all life on Earth. This was based on my research of twenty some odd years delving into natural sciences, spirituality, mystical belief systems, history philosophy, and indepth hands on experiements with lasers, frequencies, sound and their effects on soil and the human body. I have photographed both the soil and the body before and after laser radiation and found some significant changes, simailar in theory, to Masaru Imoto's work with water.
I would be interested in discussing these subjects with you, if you're intersted.
You can reach me through email @
Kathleen A Ball

Zoompad said...

Erm - you don't actually believe in God, do you?

Kathleen said...

Yes, I actually do. Do you?

Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

Michael Hayes,
I have read and reread your book. Again, I must say i thoroughly enjoyed it. I have tried to find your other book; The Infinite Harmony, and have been unsuccessful. Is it out of print?

On another topic, are you familiar with the work of Stuart Grace Greene? He's a biophysicist. He has been documenting what is known as the retrovirus. a quick summary: a retro virus is what is known to be the casue of auto-immune diseases. There are a number of them and they are passed on through DNA. They actually turn our white blood cells into factories to reproduce themselves and are triggered by inflammation in the body. Scientists have proven the connection between HERV-W retro virus and MS and also schizophrenia. This article was published in Doscover Magazine, May 2010.

The research that I have been involved in using lasers, is based on harmonic frequency. I suspect that music/frequency has a balancing effect on the human body, soil, water etc. I have come up with an idea that I would like to pursue involving a possible blueprint hidden in the human body. This blueprint has a unique frequency pattern in every individual. I would be interested in collaborating with you on this research if you're interested.

You can reach me

K.A. Ball

MysticalJules said...

Ver interesting writing, are you familiar with Reconnective Healing?

Kathleen said...

Yes, I have met Erik Pearl at the Science and Cousciousness conference in Santa Fe and a number of other venues. I believe that we all have these abilities, if we would exercise them and practice. I do think the time has come that we will return to our original intent, a little wiser now, and continue to evolve beyond the material realm. We have now become so saturated with materialism, that hopefully we have had enough. We have many abilities and gifts to explore and develop as human beings. We live in exciting times.

Kathleen A. Ball

Kathleen said...

I was able to find the "Infinite Harmony" in the U.K. and am having it shipped. Am curious if you have bumped into some more of the same lost knowledge and if your process of accessing it, is similar to my own


Michael Hayes said...

To Kikz,

Apologies for not replying earlier. I've been away for a spell.

Many thanks for your thumbs up on the book.

Not familiar with Bruce Upton's work, but time and circumstances permitting, I shall certainly look him up.



Michael Hayes said...
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Michael Hayes said...


I'm so sorry I haven't replied sooner to your interesting and stimulating posts. Am in a state of transition at present, but still juggling ten balls in the air and simultaneously tap-dancing to the cosmic symphony.

Your proposed book sounds fascinating - and relevant in the light of the subjects we are mutually engrossed in. I wish you well with it.

As you have obviously discovered, my first book, The Infinite Harmony, is thin on the ground in Amazonland or anywhere else. There were only 2000 printed, so the few in circulation don't come cheap.

Unfortunately I'm not yet familiar with Stuart Grace Green's work, but it sounds extremely interesting. There are so many books I have to read with so little time to do it. I will have to put him on my 'to do' list.

Kathleen, I really appreciate your input and comments here, and when I have sorted out some pressing personal commitments I will be happy to forward my e-mail address so we can discuss things in more detail.

Meantime, thanks again for you thoughtful posts.


Kathleen said...

I recently bumped into an old friend who I had done undergraduate work with, Joshua Leeds. Never any accidents. His work is based in part, on the research and life work of a man named Alfred Tomatis, a French audiologist and ear, nose and throat specialist. His work involved repairing human hearing through bone conduction, notes in classical music and frequency to improve health and well being etc.
What I propose is taking this idea one step further, using bone conduction, frequency,and harmonic codes based on an individual blueprint in each and every human being, to expand consciousness. This could have an effect on actual evolutionary changes in density, I am not sure. I do believe that the innate ability to access frequency and sound beyond what we are currently familiar with is encoded in our DNA. I want to do some inpepth experiements with this theory. My intutitive awareness and research have pointed me in this direction for ever since I discovered the pattern in 2002. I also know that ancienct cave artists used bone conduction to create specific sounds in rituals they performed prior to the intrigue paintings they left behind, which I have seen many of, throughout France, Italy and various other parts of the world. Also in your research and from what I have read, you suggest a connection between pi,22/7, the spectrum of light, frequency,and the human body. Well this is something I have believed for years. Matter is crysalized light, its density determined by the frequency at which it vibrates. This applies to demensions of reality as well. If we could deliberately enlighten and alter the wave length at which we generally resonate (635 nanometers, which cooincidentally is the same wave length that soil vibrates at, we could open ourselves to a variety of unknown possibilties, or maybe just currently unremembered possibilites. Another cooincidence I find interesting is that there are 22 bones in the human skull, twenty two letters in the original Hebrew alphabet that were based on sounds that I am sure were based on sounds that may have been brought out of Egypt with Moses. I do know that the sounds themselves were much more powerful than the actuasl words and language that was developed later.
Anyway, let me know when you get a clear schedule. I would love to discuss these topics further.

Kathleen A. Ball

Kathleen said...

Hope all in progressing well with life experiences.

I just complete The Infinite Harmony. I Must say that I do beleive that it lays a solid foundation for anyone interested in developing an understanding of the connections of musical theory, light and frequency underlying all of creation, its religious doctrines as passed down to us through the ages.
I also refamiliarized myself with the work of Joshua Leeds and Alfred Tomatis whose theories are derived from the idea that music, specific sounds and frequencies play a key role in the well being and harmony of the human being. Bone conduction is used for some of these sounds to reach the inner ear of people who have hearing difficulties and can also play a role in reversilng hearing loss,in some cases. I also went over some of my anatomical notes from when i taught anatomy to verify some things and am more convinced than eve that there is definately something to my theory. I just need someone who is capable of translating individual blueprints into a harmonic scale, song or maybe just notes. Not sure.

Anyway, I am still plugging away on my book, about half way there now. About to reveal the process of transfiguration. It is exciting actually.

Am still interested in discussing this theory further with you when time allows.

All the Best.
Kathleen A. Ball

I am now more convinced than ever that my t

Jelle U. Hielkema said...

Dear Michael hayes,

I have just started reading your 'farreaching' book which I found this weeeknd, as it happens, by chance the day 22 years after I ran into another book with the subtitle 'the Secret Codes of the Cosmos' on 6 March 1989, a bit before 'Tienanmen' and the 'Fall of the Berlin Wall'. Ever since I've been calculating 'people and things' with many, many a flabbergasm as a result! Published a book, entitled 'The Natural Theory of Dealism' early last year in both the Netherlands and the USA. I would very much appreciate an email contact with you so I might send you my 'current manuscript' and a related powerpoint for review and eventual comments.
To introduce myself to you in your own terms, my name is made up from three 8's which result in a lucky '33' which has served me extremely well!
My email is and I hope to hear from you at your convenience.

Jelle U. Hielkema, Rome, Italy

Jelle said...

Esteemed Michael Hayes,

Re my earlier comment of 10 March, just before 'the world changed once more and not for the better, I am now halfway through your book and what I am reading fully confirms many but two truly important 'discovered terms' on the basis of the cosmic code registered by the ancient Sumerians, being CREAVOLUTION and THE UNIVERSE IS A SYMPHONY, both the same '32'called "Communication"

Hnece, and for quite a few other reasons in the same context, I would appreciate an email contact with you to compare some 'notes'!

Best regards.

Jelle U. Hielkema

DCFABBRI said...

Hello Mike,
I read The Infinite Harmony some years ago.
Today I found the Italian version of Ermetic Code and I'm very happy, because I was thinking of translating the book for myself!
Can I ask you if this book updates the previous one?
Many thanks

Anthony Morris said...

This is the best order to read the papers in if you are new to my work.
Your details were passed to me by a collaborator friend and I am sure you will find these papers interesting and in line with your work. I have long been a fan of the Kybalion and the 3ness and 7 ness of physical reality.

Nick Rockliffe said...

Hello Michael,

I wonder you may have a contact email address as I have been unable to locate One at this moment.

My reason for so, is that I confident without doubt that I maybe to offer some insight of potential significance to your observation on the hermetic code.

hope to hear from you.

Peace & Love

- Nik -

Geoff Hyman said...

For Mike Hayes from Kay Hyman Wonder if you remember me ?

Inspired to get in touch after watched a recent (14 Dec 2017) UK TV programme on Quantum Biology (in a series on quantum science). Presenter: Jim Al-Khalili. Much emphasis on the role of sound - so much 'resonance' with your books.

I can be contacted at: (also:

With best wishes Kay