High Priests, Quantum Genes

High Priests, Quantum Genes is a wide ranging journey through religious experience, astrophysics, spiritualism, molecular biology, ancient wisdom, quantum physics and history. Mike Hayes traces uncanny common elements in all of these areas, and draws them together in a captivating narrative. The same numerical patterns appear in ancient philosophies and belief systems as run through all of the established religions, and on through the latest discoveries of supposedly ground-breaking science. Maybe science is only rediscovering through empirical research what the ancients understood intuitively…

The ordering principles of the universe appear to be mirrored in the structure of this numerical pattern and – perhaps most intriguing and uncanny of all – in the structure of music. Our notions of what is harmonious in music may therefore not simply spring from an abstract aesthetic sense but as a response to and an intuition of more fundamental harmonies, those which govern the universe from the cosmic scale right down to the sub-atomic. Mike Hayes has a spellbinding tale to tell. You may be convinced of all of it, some of it or none of it, but the journey is never less than compelling.

Publishing date, May 27th. 2004. Price £9.95

The Infinite Harmony:
Musical Structures in Science and Theology

'The basic structures of subatomic quanta and
of DNA have one thing in common - they can be explained in terms of the rules of music. The same is true of the belief systems of the world's great religions. Is music therefore the invisible bridge between science and religion?'
In this original and thought provoking study, Michael Hayes proposes that all the world's major religions and esoteric doctrines share a common scientific origin. This underlying science is none other than music itself: the structures of music are the foundation for both science and theology. Particle physics and molecular biology both obey a single law of proportions that corresponds to the rules of music. This same law is expressed in the symbolism of religions, as Hayes demonstrates with examples from sources as diverse as the I-Ching and Christ's Passion. Further, Hayes believes that the underlying musical pattern in DNA may mean that evolution is not a matter of chance but follows a predetermined path.

• The Infinite Harmony is currently out of print. Watch this space for details of the new paperback edition.


SuperiorEd said...

Please publish it quickly. I am very interested in purchasing a copy. Used copies are very expensive.

SuperiorEd said...

DNA, Page 39 on the precession. 72 years is a generation when mentioned in the book of Enoch. Enoch gave the watchers 70 generations. He gave this before Adam reached 19 jubilees (950). Assuming that he delivered this message to the before the flood, we calculate 5040 years. Add Adam's age and you get 6000. Why did the Mayans leave a calendar of 5125 years until 33.33 degrees? 33.33 degrees is 2012.9 nautical miles. Paris Louvre to Egypt Giza is 2012.9 miles. Mt. Hermon is 33.33 X 33.33 using Paris as the Meridian. Genesis 6, God gives mankind 120 years. That's 120 X 50 years for the jubilee. That's 6000 years. In the Lost book of Adam and Eve, God gives Adam a 5,500 years countdown. I could go on with 12 others. The precession is a generation. I am enjoying the book, but thought you might want feedback as I read. I may know a few things you have not considered.

SuperiorEd said...

Page 48 (DNA). Speaking of pitches, the overtone series on a brass instrument will follow the golden mean as each overtone of an open pitch is played. Lower intervals are wider and higher intervals are smaller by a ratio of 1:1.618. In John 21, Jesus gives away the secret to the Vesica Pisces. 153 is the measure of the fish according to Pythagoras. Two more ratios emerge here from the square root of 2 and 3. The cross is found by unity over multiplicity. All of this is directly connected to your code.

Eventually, you get the picture that the chief cornerstone of the temple is giving over taking. God's will emerges from the mathematics of the law of returns. This is what Jesus was telling Peter three times. Why 3? Destroy this temple and it will be rebuilt in three days (3000) years. Jesus appears at 4000. 2000 to revive Israel (1948) and 1000 day of the Lord. 6000 is the event horizon before the day of the Lord. The last Jubilee was 1967 (6 Day War). The next is 50 years after in 2017. 2014 is the next Tetrad Moon Cycle. That's 2.5 years between 2012 and 2018.

How do I know this is related to the 6000 years of Enoch and the Mayans? What did Jesus do at Passover? The financial tables are turned and the peacemakers (doves) have no rest (Benches). That's today.

ישעיהו said...

Dear Michael Hayes,
looking for further aspects on man's possible evolution, I am eager to buy this book of yours for a price I would afford, not this 150-1,000$ on Amazon.
Please let me know if and how I could do that.
Thank you so much
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